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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Custom Salt and Pepper Mills - Eucalyptus Burl and Ebony

Eucalyptus is an Australian wood, very popular among Australian woodturners, and for good reason. It has widely varying figure, and is a warm, light brown color. It looks awesome when it's turned and it finishes up nicely, to a semi gloss sheen from sanding with no finish applied.

Nigerian Ebony, or Gaboon Ebony, is a rather small tree that reaches heights no taller than 60' and no larger than 2' diameter. The heartwood is jet black, very hard, and very dense. It's an exotic wood probably most known for its use as fingerboards and keys for various musical instruments. It's also great for pens, bottle stoppers, knife handles and jewelry boxes. Ebony is the Greek word for "fruit of the gods". Historically drinking goblets were made from its wood, as they believed it was an antidote for poison, and its use would ward off their enemy's evil intent.

These Salt and Pepper mills are made from premium mill parts with a lifetime guarantee. The salt grinder uses a ceramic grinder mechanism to avoid corrosion. The pepper grinder uses a carbide mechanism designed for uniform size of ground pepper. Both are adjustable from coarse to fine. If you haven't had freshly ground pepper, you don't know what you're missing - the aroma, the taste, makes regular ground pepper seem like such a waste.

The top set is 9 inches tall. The bottom is set is 10 inches tall. A similar design, with similar woods, can be ordered for around $225.00, or $125 plus the cost of the materials.

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